5/23/2012 1:02:18 PM

Spring/Summer Season Playoff Structure

The playoff structure for our spring/summer NFFLA season will be based on seeding at the end of the regular season.  Since we have nine teams this year, the first game that will be played during Week 1 of the playoffs will be the Number 8 seed vs the Number 9 seed.  The winner of that game will then round out our top eight teams for the playoffs. (Note: The winner of the Number 8 seed vs Number 9 seed game will therefore have to play two games during Week 1 of the playoffs.  The team that loses this “pre-playoff” game will be done playing for the season).  The playoff bracket for Week 1 will then be as follows:

Number 1 seed vs Number 8 seed
Number 2 seed vs Number 7 seed
Number 3 seed vs Number 6 seed
Number 4 seed vs Number 5 seed

The winners of these games will advance to Round 2 of the playoffs, and the losing teams will move on to the Consolation Bracket.  The structure of the playoffs this season will be so that the highest seeded team will always match up against the lowest seeded team remaining in the playoffs.  For example, if the Number 8 team beats the Number 1 team during Week 1 of the playoffs, and the Number 2 seed beats the Number 7 seed, then in the second round, the Number 2 seed will play against the Number 8 seed.  The highest seed remaining after this matchup is determined will then play the next lowest seeded team, and so on.

The order of games has not yet been determined, and the final seedings and Week 1 schedule will be posted on NFFLA.com by 8PM on Monday, June 4th.

Seeding for the tournament will be based on the overall records of each team from the regular season.  Tiebreakers will be determined based on the following:

1. Head to head results (Tiebreaker Level 1)
2. Total Points Scored (Tiebreaker Lever 2, if necessary)
3. Total Points Against (where the team that has allowed fewer points would win the tiebreaker if it gets to this level)

Good luck during the playoffs!